The xbible project is a collection of bibles on a USB flash drive that can be supplied to Christians who those interested in Jesus in places where availability of bibles maybe difficult.

For the purpose of countries closed off to the message of Jesus, this product is designed for very discrete operation, with no obvious purpose on the main list of files without the correct password to use it.

The first version of xbible project is intended for the middle east area and will contain:-

  • The Word – sophisticated bible text software with different tools
  • BP Bible – multi language bibles with useful extras
  • Bibles of the world – simple Bible texts in English, Arabic, Hebrew, Persian and Turkish
  • Audio MP3 bibles in English, Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Turkish and Kurdish for immediate listening or copy to a phone or music player
  • PDF bibles in Syriac, Dari and English version of a Brit Hadasha (New Testament for Orthodox Jewish audience)

also software tools for an individual, church or ministry:-

  • Ultrasurf – VPN software to hide your computer’s IP address, useful to avoid government or local ISP blocks on web sites
  • Open Song – for display words to worship music
  • Muse Score – for writing music
  • Audacity – record teaching or music
  • Abi Word – free word processor
  • Infrarecorder – CD/DVD burning app
  • Pidgin Portable – instant messager to use MSN/ICQ/Yahoo etc
  • Skype Portable edition


Stream radio stations from your computer free in English, Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Kurdish and English and Hebrew Messianic Jewish content too.


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