2 comments on “Sharing scripture to people in other languages

    • Hello Jon,
      Often in Western society us as Christians assumes everyone has a smart phone or a cheap or local free wireless connection for their laptop. Yes you can read the bible in many languages using bible.cc or many others. A friend of mine lives in rural South Africa, the only uncapped broadband service is $200 a month!! Some countries still don’t have a 3G service on their cellular phone networks.

      This product has most of the content available without a live connection to the internet, everything is locally available on USB drive for offline use. You’ve probably seen on the news people in developed countries are concerned with government monitoring. In some Islamic countries its common for services like Facebook, Twitter, Skype to blocked or offenders threatened with prison if using them.

      Theres maybe 26 countries that speak Arabic, many of them are poor so we hope this product will be a blessing for those who have a computer but don’t have their own internet connection.

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